Barry Natton

Sculptor & Printmaker

OBE MA (Fine Art)

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This woodcarving was a present for my daughter Sara’s 40th birthday. It is carved out of Yew, from a tree which was in our garden and had to be cut down when we built our house over 30 years ago. I got 4 large pieces of Yew from the trunk, promising myself that I would carve something for each of my 3 children in due course This means however I have a “spare piece of Yew” if anyone is interested in commissioning me. I have spent something like 100 hours on producing this latest work. I trust therefore anyone interested will understand if I say the price for a commission from this last piece of Yew would be £1000

Barry Natton February 2013


Currently in exhibition at Chester Grovenor Mueseum


The name means "waste wood" according to Google. It is formed from the waste part of Resurgam

DRAGON (2013)

(Top right)

(Middle right)

(Below right)